Kids love music, so how do you get them into creating their own while they’re still learning how to read and write?
With funding for music education dwindling in education systems across America, I went in search of a new way to get students excited about creating and playing music, beyond the music education they receive in school. Research showed when music education is introduced early in a child’s development lead to higher test scores and the development of other social skills. I developed the RHYTHM Monster program, to fuel a passion for music that consisted of an app that teaches children to compose music and share their original compositions with their classmates, informational kits designed for students and parents with additional activities and resources, and a promotional event designed to bring the local communities together with interactive activities to encourage collaboration. For the visual system, I relied on bold, playful colors in combination with uncluttered, engaging layouts to ensure it would be both exciting for young students, and easy to navigate and complete tasks in the app, and printed activities.

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