How the heck do you breathe new life into America’s oldest soda brand that no one’s ever heard of?
When tasked to rebrand Moxie, it was crucial to identify that Moxie, at its core, was a brand providing natural energy products to an American audience. Throughout its 130+ year history of rising in popularity, and falling into near absurdity, the brand came to define what it means to have “moxie” as someone with courage, nerve, grit, and determination. Looking to push Moxie in new directions, I choose to transform Moxie into a brand that competes with heavy weights like Nike or Red Bull by providing both active wear, energy drinks, and energy supplements to help fuel active lifestyles. Embracing the determined spirit of Moxie, by encouraging and supporting the average joe athlete to strive to reach their goals. Moxie’s new visual identity had to be loud with not only bold color, but bold typography, so I leveraged the bold in contrast to the black and white photography to echo the energy of the Moxie spirit.

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