Can a better user experience get people to buy more candy online?
Everyone loves candy or a little sweet treat every now and again, but navigating the website of one of America’s most beloved candy company, See’s Candies, left little to desire. I began my quest to improve the UX of the existing See’s Candies e–commerce site by researching the competitive landscape, conducting stakeholder interviews, and multiple rounds of user testing based on initial wireframes I created. After many iterations of wireframes and user testing, once I felt confident the new site wireframes were addressing the concerns raised in user testing and providing a more clear hierarchy of information presented throughout the site, I pushed the designs forward to feel in line with the brand and visual aesthetics of the existing site. I wanted the new responsive design of the site to feel like a more cleaned up modern version that removed unnecessary and distracting design elements and provide clearer navigation throughout the purchasing process.

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