Using social media to reduce unplanned pregnancy among at-risk women.
Bedsider has informed and empowered thousands of women to take control of their reproductive health. When it comes to providing unbiased advice on sex and relationships—with a healthy side of sass—no one does it better.

But unplanned pregnancy rates among low-income, minority women continue to climb—even as national averages go down. So Bedsider approached us to create a digital campaign that would break through to this vulnerable audience and convince women that birth control isn’t just practical—it can help you achieve your dreams.

You come first. Or you should. You sacrifice a lot for others, but now it’s your turn. It’s time to put your needs first. If a new baby isn’t your next step, birth control is your friend. Not worrying about getting pregnant means enjoying more freedom. More peace of mind. More confidence–whether it’s on the job or in the bedroom. Don’t settle. Birth control can help you get more out of life and Bedsider’s got your back.​​​​​​​
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You Got This. Choose what's right for you. 

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