Updating the user experience for ACEC Washington to improve digital communications and create a new brand visual system. 
When the Washington state chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC–WA) came to GMMB, they knew they wanted to update their online presence. During the initial research and discovery phase, I reviewed all 50 state chapters websites and branded materials, along with the national ACEC chapter and discovered a surprising lack of a unifying brand visual system. We also discovered that the previous website design was created on an outdated version of their website template, with multiple errors and broken elements of code throughout the design. Not only was their website design severely outdated, through stakeholder interviews we discovered that members were hardly using the website's resources. 

I was tasked with creating a visual system for the ACEC–WA brand along with an updated user experience design that better utilizes their existing website template, that increases member engagement. 
Previous Site Design
Updated Site Design
Visit the live site at https://acec-wa.org/

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