Problem: Explore how we define commonly used terms by reinterpreting one word visually through two magazine spreads depicting different definitions of the same word. 
Solution: Focusing on the word “alone,” I chose to create visual interpretations of being emotionally alone vs. being physically alone, and paired magazine articles that fit the mood of the definitions being depicted. In working to find the best design solutions for the magazine spreads, this project pushed me to ensure I was utilizing the layout style of the magazine spread as another element of the design that helped tell the story of the definition of alone.
Physically Alone
Emotionally Alone
All photography licensed images from Adobe Stock.
Physically alone article - "Secrets of Long-Distance Couples" by Maria Masters, originally featured on Women's Health Magazine online at on January 28, 2014.
Emotionally alone article - "Money Stress Weighs on Americans' Health"  by Sophie Bethune, originally featured on American Psychological Association's website at in April, 2015.
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