Problem: My family, like many families, has endless boxes of photos and memories collected throughout the years that together tell stories of our past, where we came from, and what makes us the people we are today. However, as the years go by more and more of these old treasures are lost, damaged, or forgotten. Tucked away in an attic or basement, the memories and stories long forgotten. I wanted to find a new way to preserve some of these family treasures to help breathe new life into these family memories. 

Solution: For years our family hung this photo up in our hallway when you entered our home. It stood as a symbol of where my grandmother's and grandfather's family lived in the early 1900s. The photo itself is believed to be taken in around 1915 in Manchester, CT. I decided to recreate this photo as an illustrated poster in today's flat illustration style as a fusion between the old and the new. 

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